The Justice Coalition

The Justice Coalition is a coalition of NAACP members seeking redress of the issues of the 2021 NC State election which has dis-enfranchised many Units & Delegates. The 2021 State election was done under the supervision of the National organization and violated the very Bylaws and rules established by the national organization.

Examples of this are:

No process was put in place for Candidates to announce their candidacy and discuss their positions, qualifications and reasons they should be elected. Instead, they were left on their own to mass email Units & Delegates that they were aware of.
The State Conference, which is a time normally scheduled for candidates to the introduced, did not do so.

Delegates and Units were not informed of their status and in many cases were excluded from the election process due to errors or incompetence in the national member database. No opportunity to appeal was provided. Valid delegates were still being entered into the system when the election was already completed.

Election: Little or no notice was given as to the date and time of the election. The election votes were only allowed to be done within a few hours. The initial election was illegally invalidated and a new set of votes called for within hours of the initial election. Both elections were held online at an inconvenient time for most (Saturday between 10 – 3pm). No accommodation was made for valid delegates to vote who did not have the capability or the ability to vote online. No Proxy option was available.

No dispute resolution process was put in place to identify and solve issues as they came up.

Video Recording below of the Press Conference held on January 7th, 2022 to demand accountability and action regarding the unconstitutional and botched election administered by the National NAACP for the North Carolina State Conference on Oct. 23, 2021.


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