Black Lives Matter!


It is powerful to know how each of these people lived and how they died.
Their families and loved ones are left behind, and they matter.

Join Us every Monday as we recite their names!

Rayshard Brooks 27 years old, married, 4 children, fell asleep in car, shot by police.

George Floyd46 year old father of 5 with 2 grandchildren, police knee on his neck for 9 minutes, 29 seconds.

Ahmaud Arbery25 year old runner.  Shot while jogging.

Breonna Taylor26 year old, plans to marry, buy a house, and have kids.  Shot while in her bed, 8 times.

Philando Castille – 32 years old.  Shot by police in a routine traffic stop.

Sandra Bland – 28 year old activist and video blogger, hung while in jail.

Freddie Gray – 25 years old, arrested for a misdemeanor, died from a spinal cord injury while held in police custody.

Eric Garner – Arrested for selling loose cigarettes in NYC.  6 children and 3 grandchildren.  Died of a chokehold by police.

Tamir Rice – 12 years old. Carrying a toy gun.  Shot by police.

Jamar Clark – 24 year old shot by police in Minneapolis.

Stephon Clark – 22 year old husband and father of two, carrying a cell phone.  Shot over 20 times.

Michael Brown – 18 years old, just graduated from high school, shot by police.

Trayvon Martin – 17 year old high school student in Florida headed home from store with a bag of Skittles.

LaQuan McDonald – charismatic 17 year old in Chicago, carrying a knife, shot 17 times by police.

Walter Scott – 50 year old music lover, football fanatic, and father of four.  Stopped by police for having a broken tail light.  Shot and killed by police.

Alton Sterling – loving brother and father of five.  Selling CD’s on street.  Shot dead by two police officers in Louisiana.

Botham Jean – 26 years old, killed by police while sitting in his own apartment eating ice cream, in Dallas, TX.

Elijah McClain – 23 year old massage therapist and violinist, played his violin to kittens.  Killed by police walking home from a convenience store.

Keith Lamont Scott – 43 year old, married, seven children, shot in 2016 by a Charlotte police officer.

Atatiana Jefferson –college grad, shot in her own home by police, through a window, in Fort Worth, Texas.

Ezell Ford – 25 years old, oldest of 7 kids.  He struggled with his mental health, taking walks to clear his head.  Walking home, killed by police.

Akai Gurley – 28 year old fiancé and father, in stairwell with his girlfriend.  Shot by police in Brooklyn.

John Crawford III – 22 years old, father of 2 sons, shot in a Walmart Store, holding a BB gun, in Ohio.

Derrick Shurron (DJ) Hemphill Jr, better known as DJ Hemphill – former sailor from Brevard, died in police custody at a military base in Virginia at the age of 21 in 2012.

Yusef Hawkins—16 year old shot in Brooklyn, walking in a neighborhood with friends, chased and killed by white teenagers.

Walter Wallace—mentally ill, 27 years old, carrying a knife in Philadelphia, shot by police.

Eurie Lee Martin—mentally ill man, walking in rural Georgia, tased to death by 3 police officers in 2017.

Sincere Piere & Angelo Crooms—two teenagers shot while driving, by police, in Florida.

Aidan Ellison—19 years old, sitting in his car.   Shot, in Oregon.

Casey Goodson Jr—23 years old, shot and killed by police in Columbus, Ohio while entering his own home.

Daniel Prude42 years old, father of 5 living in Chicago.  Arrested in Rochester, NY.   7 cops held him down and killed him.

Shaston Hodge27 years old.  Failed to use turn signal, chased and killed by two white cops.  Shot 16 times.  Dallas, TX.

Andre Hill47 years old.  Columbus, Ohio.  Sitting in his car, on a cell phone.

Ronald Greenein his 40’s. driving home to be with his wife, in 2019.  Beaten, brutalized and killed by police.  Monroe, LA.

Trayford Pellerin31 years old. Shot by police.  Killed.  Layfayette, LA.

Adam Toledo13 years old.  Shot in alley by police in Chicago.  March 2021.

Aiyanna Stanley-Jones7 years old.  Shot in a police raid in Detroit, 2010.

Daunte Wright20 years old.  Shot and killed by police in traffic stop in Minneapolis.  April 2021.

MaKai Bryant16 years old. Killed by police in Columbus, Ohio.  April 2021.

Andrew Brown, Jr.42 years old.  Shot and killed by police.  Elizabeth City, NC.  April 2021.

Mario Gonzalez—26 years old.  Killed by police using a chokehold.  Alameda, CA.  April 2021.

Winston Boogie Smith—32 years old.  Shot and killed by police in Minneapolis.  May 2021.

Donovan Lynch – 25, Shot by police in Virginia Beach in March 2021 as he and a friend walked to their car, police had been called to investigate an incident they had not been involved in.

Major Gulia Dale III61, Army Veteran was fatally shot on the 4th of July by Police Officers in the New Jersey Town he had lived for nearly 3 decades. He wife had phoned the police to help her husband who was responding erratically in response to fireworks, perhaps suffering from PTSD.

Alvin Motley Jr 48, unarmed, shot by a security guard in a Memphis Service Station in August 2021.

Christina Nance – 29, missing for 12 days, when found dead in a prisoner-transport van parked in Huntsville Alabama.

Amir Locke – 22, fatally shot on February 2, 2022, by a SWAT officer in Minneapolis where police executed a no-knock search warrant. He was not a target of the investigation.

Patrick Lyoya – 26 year-old refugee, shot in the back of the head execution style by a Grand Rapids Police Officer on April 4th 2022.

We Remember You All

All names highlighted in BLUE are those that died either at the hands of the Police or while in Police custody.