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The Moral Arc of the Universe….an NAACP event with Rev. Robert Kilgore, Oct. 15, 2017,



The NAACP is a newcomer to Transylvania County, but not at all to the struggle, it has waged against racism in all forms and for equality nationwide since 1909. The Transylvania County branch was founded with the mission of adding to the cause of racial equality its commitment to equality for all: voters, women, students, the LGBT community, immigrants, workers, taxpayers, those in need of health care and all people of color. We are also working for environmental justice on the state and national levels, particularly in the Duke Power Coal Ash spills that have polluted groundwater and rivers in North Carolina and in preventing fracking.

Here in Transylvania County, we have a strong foundation in making our voices heard to local and state elected officials.

Who are we? We’re a motley crew from all socioeconomic backgrounds, ages and racial groups. We are all dedicated to social justice and many of us have fought for these issues for decades.

Please join us!

For more information on state and national issues, please visit their websites:

NAACP National: naacp.org

North Carolina NAACP: naacpnc.org

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