April 15, 2022

CANCELLED Due to the funeral for Spencer Jones’ father-in-law on Saturday morning.

We will reschedule sometime in mid-June. The exact date will be announced in a few days.

An Invitation to pastors and religious leaders in Brevard and Transylvania County

Dear brothers and sisters,

As members of our local NAACP’s Religious Affairs Committee, we hope you will join us for a light breakfast gathering from 10 -11:30 a.m. on (future date to be announced) at Bethel A Baptist Church, 290 Oakdale St, Brevard.

As a leading voice for racial and all forms of social justice in our nation, state, and local community, the NAACP of Transylvania County is almost 8 years old. Our chapter has gotten stronger over the years as an advocate for inclusive, compassionate, justice-loving relationships with our neighbors.

Going forward, we are eager to hear how the NAACP in general, and the Religious Affairs Committee in particular, might be helpful to you and your congregations, to learn more about the concerns in your church community, and to explore ways we might be a resource.

In these challenging times when our society is so terribly divided, we rely on our spiritual moorings to help us forge ways to “make justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream” (Amos 5:24).

In this important moment, we will strive for mutually respectful sharing among ourselves. Please come to this gathering — and ask other pastors and religious leaders to come with you.
We need one another – sisters, brothers, neighbors, all.

In the Spirit,
The Religious Affairs Committee of the NAACP of Transylvania County
Carter Heyward (co-chair) and Pamela Holder (co-chair-elect)
Suzanne Comer Bell
Rob Field
Anne B. Gilson
John Hobbs
Jackie Jenkins
Spencer Jones
Susan Lefler
Diane Livingston
Judy Nebrig

PS. If will be helpful in planning if you will RSVP to Carter at iscarhey@gmail.com, Pamela at pchpreacher@yahoo.com, or phone Bethel A at 828-884-2469. Also, if May 14 is not good for you, but you’d like an opportunity to attend such a gathering in the future, please let us know.