Click photo to hear “Bad Karma” !

Song written by: Dustin Chadee Maxwell  // Video Shot By: Dustin Chadee Maxwell, Dose Maxwell & Big Love Video Production // Lead Guitar: Howie Johnson // Rhythm Guitar & Vocals: Dustin Chadee Maxwell // Bass Guitar: Matt Gardner // Percussion: Jeff Lott // Music Produced By: Andy Bishop @Giraffe Studio

Moral Mondays
Dustin Chadee Maxwell & The Shotgun Gypsies
Credit: Henry Felt on Vimeo

The Moral Arc of the Universe….an NAACP event with Rev. Robert Kilgore, Oct. 15, 2017

  Rev. William Barber – Moral Monday, Sylva, NC, June 16, 2016 (UNEDITED) Mass Incarceration Forum, Brevard, NC, March 31, 2016 (ROUGHCUT) Rev. Barber. Brevard, NC, April 27, 2016 Bishop Stephen Curry. Brevard, NC April 4, 2015 (Part I) Bishop Stephen Curry. Brevard, NC April 4, 2015 (Part II) Growing Up Black in Transylvania County. Brevard, NC, March 3, 2015. WLOS Newsclip of Transylvania NAACP Vigil for Peace and Tolerance December 2015 The Great Migration of African-Americans from the rural South to the urban North by Jacob Lawrence. A display sponsored by Ms. Susan Wells and prepared by the Education Committee.of the Transylvania County Chapter of the NAACP. Displayed at Rise and Shine in Brevard, NC. Click “Start Prezi” to begin and then use the Left and Right arrow keys to be led through the display. Use Up and Down arrow keys to Zoom In and Zoom Out.