Our Committees

Our Committees

General Membership and Executive Committee:
Meets via Zoom 2nd Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m.
All are welcome!     

E-mail us for the Zoom link: transnaacp@gmail.com

Committees meet via Zoom!

Religious Affairs: Rev. Carter Heyward is chair.
Meets 3rd Tuesday of the month at 5:00pm.
Contact: iscarhey@gmail.com

Political Action: Kathleen Barnes is chair.
Meets 1st Tuesday of the month at 1:00pm.
Contact: kathleen@kathleenbarnes.com

Health: Larry Goodwin is chair.
Meets 1st Monday of the month at 1:30pm.
Contact: ingoodwin@comporium.net

Education: Sheila Mooney is chair.
Meets 1st Tuesday of the month at 4:00pm.
Contact: roberta1@comporium.net

Youth: We hope to get a youth committee up

and running soon.  Interested?

Contact: transnaacp@gmail.com